Final Fantasy IV Releases on Android via Google Play Store

I jumped for joy and threw random amounts of money in the air when I saw Final Fantasy IV.
This has to be one of Square Enix best titles and has been remade time and time again due to its popularity.

Final Fantasy IV, my all time favorite game of the franchise has finally released for Android via the Google Play Store. Though the price is fairly high for this game, true fans of the series and game will shell out enormous amounts of paper squares with numbers on them for their chance to own it. I know I did.

Final Fantasy IV has been remade several times now. My first time seeing this game was on the SNES, then got made for GBA, Playstation, NDS, and now finally in our phones, yes this came out for the iPhone first, but with a screen so small no one remembers (jab!) lol.

Square Enix did an amazing job moving this game to Android. They gave it a much needed facelift from the NDS version that really makes the game pop. Though the added voice acting in the game isn't going to win any awards, it really helps by immersing you in the story, feeling the  true emotions of the characters and not just reading the text all the time.

Controls on the Android version of Final Fantasy IV are what you'd expect from all their other versions and similar RPG games as well, which really makes you feel at home as a gamer. You can place your finger down anywhere on the screen and drag in the direction you want to run and you're on your way.

The battle system hasn't changed much, which is a good thing. They've made everything easily accessible and touch activated, which really makes this comfortable to just sit back and play. With the quick save feature seen on many Square Enix games, it's easier to play on the go, as you can just quickly save your game and shut it off nearly anywhere without worry of losing your progress.

Currently Final Fantasy costs $15.99 which is a crazy price for any game on Android, but Final Fantasy is one of those games I can make an exception for. Can you?

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