Do You +1 Apps on the Google Play Store? You Should

Do you +1 Apps on the Google Play Store when you're shopping for apps or books, etc?
You really should be, and I'm about to tell you why.

It has come to my attention that many people including myself often ignore that +1 button when looking at apps on the Google Play Store, but really we should be clicking it, but why?

It's not super important or anything, but it puts a little notch in the developers belt saying, "Hey... I approve of this app, good job". Also it shows your friends what you like and are most likely currently using.

As you can see from my screenshot above, I've picked the obvious Gmail app. My good buddy and fellow +Android Coliseum partner +Ryan Moore is at the top of my list, very closely followed by another amazing guy +Mat Lee from +Attack of the Androids who've all +1'd this app, and because I've +1'd it myself, they'll see me as well.

So again, it's not an OMG you have to do this scenario, but it's cool to see what your friends are using and vice versa. not to mention giving props to the developer doing that as well.

...Oh and btw... you may want to rethink +1'ing that big booty asians app you have hidden on your phone, people will see that too :P