B.C 236 Area Code Goes Live

According to the people who rob you, (our carriers) we were running the risk of running out of phone numbers within the next few years, so to ease the pressure of the growing phone population they brought in the Area Code 236

If memorizing numbers wasn't hard enough with all the area codes and phone numbers we have floating around, now we have 236 to start watching for in B.C along side our existing 604, 778, and 250.

So the next time you look at your phone and see 236, don't dismiss it thinking it's long distance, it could be your buddy down the street.

Canada NewsWire had reported:

The Western Telecommunications Alliance, a group of Canada's major telecommunications companies, is working to inform all customers and businesses about the additional area code. To ensure a seamless transition to adding the new area code, 236, businesses are encouraged to begin making any necessary changes right away by reprogramming communications systems and equipment. For example, businesses that restrict long distance calls will need to reprogram their equipment to accept the 236 area code as local. Residential customers will not need to make any changes to their equipment.
So we may not see them immediately, but they'll start popping up soon.

[Source: CNW]