Android Stickers!

Android Stickers are cheap and available.... Need I say more?

Well I suppose this is a blog, so I got to keep up with the blah blah right? lol
So my eBay addiction never ends, and being the crazy Android FanBoy that I am, anything Android always catches my eye.

These stickers sell in packs of 5, and they have various colors to pick from. The price is $2.99 + $1.50 shipping with discounts on shipping on multiple orders. I bought 2 packs of these stickers 5 Green and 5 Grey which came out to a total of $9.04 CND. A dollar a sticker isn't to bad at all.

If you got a couple extra dollars in your pocket and a roaring fanboy/fangirl spirit within, these are something that might catch your eye as well.

You can find the eBay Link Here.