Textra - An Amazing SMS Replacement

Thanks to a friend and fellow reader +Martin Guay I've adopted an SMS Texting app by the name of Textra, an amazing but simple replacment SMS app.

Textra is one of these apps that brings you back to the goold ol' days where things where simple.
With all these Sense, TouchWiz, and other various UI visuals that we see on many top phones on the market today, the stock Google look still appeals to many Android users and Textra gives it to you.

At the first glance I was a little timid at the lack of options when I first Installed Textra. As a rooter and rom flasher, having a plethora of options is the world I'm use to living in. After using Textra for 10 minutes, it was clear to me that this app deserves a spot on my hot seat.

Upon receiving a text message you're presented with a text notification as you'd normally would. When you tap on the notification, rather than the app opening up, a popup window opens instead. I fell in love with this feature, as I don't have any annoying popups if I'm busy, but I can have one popup on my command without moving away from my current app in progress.

Going in to the app itself, it looks very similar to Google's stock messenger app, and it functions nearly the same too. Due to Textra's simple and limited setup, it requires very little system resources and automatically stops notifications to your stock SMS app that comes with your phone, so there'll be no need to do that yourself. Don't worry though, if you don't like Textra for some reason, your stock notifications will return again when removing Textra from your phone.

Textra is totally free and gives you the stock look and feel that so many crave. So if you're looking for a great and simple texting app, I highly recommend Textra.

Get it on Google Play