Quick App Introduction: Legacy Play Store r2

Ever wanted to install apps you had bought in the past but can't remember what they're called? Yes, you're screwed. Why? Because the Play store is not showing you your paid apps unless you search for the name of that specific app. Google is supposedly working on adding this "feature" to the Play Store.

But don't go nuts! There's a way of seeing all your paid apps using the Legacy Play Store but you will need to push the app to your System folder and for this, you need to have a rooted device.

I used Root Explorer to push the APK file to my system/app folder. You need to chmod (adjust the permissions) it to 644. I didn't have to reboot to see the app in my app drawer. Also, don't worry because it sits nicely beside your normal Play Store :)

Under "My Apps" from the menu, you'll see all the apps you bought and that are not currently installed.

It also shows you the installed apps on your device. The "Not Installed" apps are showing on top of the "Installed" ones.

Here's the original topic by PaulOBrien:

Happy pushing! (Pushing the APK that is...) and let me know what you think about it!