More Phone Storage Space Measurers

I have to start by really apologizing guys.  Wasn't my intention for yesterday's post to lead to a dead end URL.

I guess because I had it installed it still pointed me to the app, but as a few of you pointed out, and a quick check in an incognito windows pointed out for me - that app seems to have disappeared.  Just weird.  I've put a link to the APK in yesterday's article.

Anyhow - here's the next best alternative I tried out after I played for a while... well, here's 2 actually.


This one is pretty straight forward and simple.  I'm not a fan of the strictly vertical look of it all (I liked the mapping of the root folders and then each subfolder beyond that.  Again, just look for the biggest blocks.

Tapping a block zooms you in (but you could zoom in and out with pinching, etc...).  Tapping on a block on the left side (more 'root') zooms you out also.

You do have the option of tapping a brown box to 'show info' which brings you to the App Info so you can clear cache, so that's handy.  If it's a file that's 'safe' you also have the option to delete.  Again... warning... don't delete just anything...

Get it on Google Play

My Device Storage Analyzer

This one's a little prettier, but almost a little too convoluted.  There's a couple tabs, one letting you see how your files are spread out via the types (movies, images, etc...).  Tapping a category gives you a breakdown of each type of that category.

Another tab gives you a quick glimpse of free/used via a circle.

Then there's the sunburst - this is what you probably want.  Everything's a circle.  Tap one of the blocks around the centre and you 'zoom in' to just that section.  Tap the centre to go back a level.

The other tabs are a ranking of directory files for that section you chose in the sunburst; then you have a listing of the top 10 files.  This might be handiest of all.

Get it on Google Play

still tho'... my preference lies with yesterday's app... it gave me a nice full overview.