HTC One Sells 5 Million, is it Enough?

I've been a huge supporter of the HTC One since it came out. Previously I held many Samsung devices in my hands and showed them great love, but In the battle between the HTC One and the Samsung S4, HTC won my heart, but can HTC Stay on the road to victory?

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that the HTC One just tipped over 5 million sales since launch, but will it be enough and stay strong to keep up with Samsung's 50+ million sales of the Galaxy S3 in a year of sales, or will HTC suffer the same fate as they did with the HTC One X?
HTC's One X sales exploded out the gate with great numbers, but soon fell short being over shadowed by other up coming phones and fizzled out rather quickly.

HTC use to be huge, releasing phone after phone and it was always a hard decision between Samsung and HTC when it came to Google's Android as they were among the top contenders. In the year of 2012 HTC was very quiet and Samsung capitalized on the open battle field and dominated in sales with the Galaxy S3 and Note II.

I'm not a huge stocks and numbers guy, so I'm not going to pretend like I know what I'm talking about here, but it's been clear that HTC's stock have been dropping lower and lower over the past couple years.
Can the HTC's One set them back on track and reclaim their rightful place next to Samsung as the masters of Android, or will they continue to sink and get stuck in the basement with BlackBerry And Windows Phone?

Sound off in the comments below and tell us your opinions on the matter. Will HTC recover?