How to get the new Google Play Music All Access free trial month in Canada.

When Google announced the new Play Music All Access service at Google I/O last week, I got extremely excited, but this feeling didn't last long.. I suddenly remembered that it is not available yet,

for us Canadians. But getting the free trial month is possible. Here's how.

Last week, I was debating if it is worth it even, to try and get it to work. There are so many free options out there. but the curiosity took over me and I had to try.

At first I tried to log in, using market enabler. I have an alternate Google account with a US address..But that didn't work.

Then I decided to try the same thing I did when I had a Play Store gift certificate to redeem, before that option was available in Canada. All I had to do, at the time, was to change my address in Google Wallet to a US address, then use a US proxy to log in and redeem the card.

The same works for the Play Music All Access service:

1. Change the address of your credit card to a US address.
2. Find a US proxy here:
3. Change the Proxy Settings in your browser (In Chrome: Settings -> Scroll to the bottom and click Show advanced settings... -> Change proxy setting -> Lan Settings)
4. Go to and look for the free trial link. When you're asked to choose a payment method, choose the card with the US address.

Attention: I recommend cancelling the service before the free trial period is over. Your credit card will, most probably, be rejected when Google tries to charge you on the second month.  That can mess up your Google Wallet.