Crash Plan [review]

So part of our Hangout show (funny how much more easily I'm using the word 'show' nowadays) is our #AppColiseum.

Here's what I shared last week:  Crash Plan

Those of you who've been following me, you know I'm a fan of the cloud.  Heck, I've devoted one of my databases just to keeping track of the offers.

Now Crash Plan runs a little different.  In order to use the app on your phone you must first have the service for your desktop.

It's not cheap, but it's not super expensive either.  I was able to pick up a subscription via a Black Friday sale.  It was something like $75/year.  Now what got me was the fact that it's UNLIMITED for that price.  Sure, I back up some of my photos via cloud, but nowhere near UNLIMITED... and seeing as with the ubiquitousness of our digital cameras and camera phones as well as the fact my wife's big into archiving and has been scanning tons of old photos.

So, another backup was the best route.

300+GB later I've backed up our entire Hard Drive.  phew...

I didn't really think about accessing it until later.  It was during a relative's funeral.  My wife had interviewed him a few years back and I was working on transcribing the audio into a document.  While we were all reminiscing after I decided to show everybody the work.  I had printed a copy, but EVERYBODY wanted to read it and wanted an emailed copy, and me being the 'immediacy' guy wanted to get them a copy RIGHT NOW.  Except I hadn't worked on it in the cloud, and it was just on our desktop.

Then I remembered Crash Plan.

I installed the app (note there are different versions depending on your service you pay for) and within minutes was able to locate the Desktop folder and the files I needed.

Now, because I had the basic backup service plan, I don't get the option to 'upload to' the cloud, but just view (and download) what's in the cloud.

Which is all that I needed at the moment.

So, I recommend this app.  Go find my share of the #AppColiseum and give me a +1 to help my winning last week's round!

Get it on Google Play