A Stock HTC One on it's way...

Well, again, I don't like to jump on a rumour mill, but I did like the sound of this one.

Good job +Russell Holly on your level headed interpretation of the scene and not like most who jump to conclusions.

+Hugo Barra just announced via his Google+

Hugo Barra
HTC One... the Google way

We've just announced another new Android phone coming soon to Google Play — The HTC One with the Nexus user experience.

It's SIM-unlocked and bootloader-unlockable, supports LTE (T-Mobile and AT&T), and comes with Beats Audio. Available June 26!


My only question now is whether or not (and it hasn't been confirmed) is how the Ultra Pixels will work with a stock experience.

Plus, they're mentioning only the US... I wonder if Canada will get it?

Would you get it?