A Glovebox for your device

What do you think of when you hear glove box. If you're a car enthusiast like I am, you think of the little cubby in the dash where you can store stuff you want to have accessible (if you have a 2006 era Passat, it's also a cooler!). Glovebox Launcher does the same thing for your Android device, stashing handy stuff in a sidebar that disappears when you aren't using it.

Using Glovebox, you can swipe open a sidebar from the right or left side of your device. The sidebar can contain folders, widgets or app shortcuts. Simply slide the sidebar open, move up and down to pick your item then either slide out to the screen a little more to select and app from a folder or lift your finger to launch an app or widget. The sidebar is available on all home screens on the launcher.

Glovebox is very easy to configure. Once you've installed it you can access it from your app drawer or from the notification screen. Hit your menu button, tap the glovebox icon on the top left or slide from the left to open the options menu. Put your apps shortcuts in folders then build your bar. You can edit your folder contents and the folder will update automatically on the bar.There are some personalization options, naturally, but if you want infinite bar size and some other features opt for the premium edition. It's not that much more.

Some quirks include offsetting the names of the folder or app rather than having it right beside the icon and sometimes, when editing the bar, Glovebox will stop working. When it recovers, the updates are there, it's just a little unnerving the first time it happens. Glovebox does have to be turned off when apps are installing but you can set it to automatically turn off and on in the configuration settings. If you have Glove box stashed on the right it will stop access to letters on the side for your address book.

This was just what I was looking for since I didn't want to use multiple docks. I have tried both Circle Launcher and Wave Launcher . Glovebox Launcher is by far the most simple to set up and modify and works well with my preference of having a single screen.

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