Things I need, a cool new way to wipe your personal data from your phone and Karma.

Finding new Useful apps is awesome. This week I found a new app which I happened to really need.
Nuke My Phone is a simple app which helps delete your personal data, your photos, videos, and downloads from the Internal SD card and return your phone to factory settings. very useful when selling used phones. 


Lately, everything I need, comes to me. But a week or two too late. Karma is playing mind games with me. First it happened when I had a Google Play gift card from the states to redeem. The option to redeem was still not available in the Canadian Play store. But I did not give up and found a way around it. I loaded it to my kids’ account by changing the Wallet address to a US address. A week later, +Tom Gray  posted this post on Google plus:
And suddenly now it is possible...
Really great. But a bit too late.

Next, on Karma’s plan is messing with me while preparing “my” Nexus 4 to be transfered to my dad. The Nexus 4 was not actually mine. I ordered it for my dad in Canada (it’s not available in his country) and now that he is in town for a visit, I need to hand it over and go back to using my Galaxy Nexus (sadface).

When preparing the phone, I had to backup all my photos , then do a factory reset and wipe it completely. Only thing is, for some reason,  I couldn’t manage to wipe it clean. I wiped it twice, did factory reset, cleared data.. but all my photos were still there. If anyone knows why and what I did wrong..Please comment and let me know. I had no choice and I had to delete all the photos manually.

Two weeks later, I saw this article by +Joseph Hindy from Android Authority: Diamonds in the Rough: 7 Apps You Might Like . Besides the awesome app Encyclopaedia Minecraftica , It also features the app Nuke My Phone. Nuke my Phone wipes the internal SD card and makes sure that all the photos, videos, downloads and other personal files are unrecoverable. Exactly what I needed... Two weeks before! Well, it wasn't too late. My dad is still in town. So last night I grabbed his phone and purchased the app (by adding that account with the US address, using the Google Play Credit...Full circle!). I uploaded the 9 pictures my dad took on the Nexus 4 to Drive and Nuked the phone. It took about 10 minutes and that’s it, It was done. Now, whatever happens to this phone, my data is not on it. I can say proper goodbye and start waiting for the Nexus 5.