Sony SmartWatch Water Resistant? - Lie

If you follow me on Google+ you'll probably know that I recently killed my Sony SmartWatch, but the way it died boggles my mind a little.

So just a couple days ago I finished my work day and decided to have a hot bath, sadly enough I forgot I had my Sony SmartWatch still on my wrist. I dunked my wrist under water for no more than 3 seconds before I raised my arm in disbelief of my stupid action. This 3 seconds of submersion was enough to kill my watch.

Sony advertises the SmartWatch to be water resistant. Searching the internet I found numerous videos of people sinking their SmartWatch's in tanks of water without any ill effects.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming Sony here for my own foolish mistake. I'm just pointing out that this watch may not be as water resistant as some may think. Perhaps I got one that wasn't sealed entirely? Who knows...

Either way, I have another on order. I just wanted to show my findings and share my story. Protect those SmartWatch's, I lost mine in a matter of seconds.