Sony SmartWatch - My Thoughts

Does anyone really need an Android SmartWatch? A question some people may ask. I personally was
kinda on the fence weather it sat on the side of unrealistic geeky bling bling or a serious user tool.
I decided to go out and grab this Sony SmartWatch to find for sure what the deal is all about.

I've found a lot of great features and use from the Sony SmartWatch, but like many devices available to us, it's not without its faults.

The Goods:

  • Many free and paid apps to help increase the use of your SmartWatch such as Twitter, Gmail, Music, FaceBook, Maps, many customized clock skins and so much more.
  • 3rd part apps increasing usability such as predefined SMS messages for quick replies that you create yourself, and alternate use apps to help make your device to think a little outside the box.
  • Long lasting battery that should last nearly a full work week.
  • Wearability: The unit itself has a strong clasp used to clip on to a shirt or a rubber wrist watch band that's provided. Also a metal plate + pins are included so you may used your current existing metal watch band or a custom one of your choice.
  • Easy to use software that allows you to customize each apps with their own settings to have it work just right for you.

The Bads:
  • Many of the apps that you'll install will operate as a running process on your phone, so it'll eat a little extra battery and occupy a little extra ram which is to be expected.
  • Screen is a little hard to see in bright outdoors such as direct sunlight, but is still usable.
  • Charging cable is strange... It's very short (2 feet) and is made specifically for the SmartWatch, which means you cannot use retractable USBs or custom cables as secondary cables as many of us often do.

Final Thoughts:

Although a SmartWatch may not be for everyone, I personally think it's a great tool for what I'll be using it for. My primary use of the SmartWatch is to see if incoming messages and calls are important enough for me to pull my phone out. Working in a wood factory, I'd rather not put my dirty hands on my phone for nonsense messages, and controlling my music is just icing on the cake.

Your phone still needs to remain at your side as bluetooth connection is required for your phone to notify you of various events, it's basically a preview window with minimal reply options (providing you have the required installed add-ons).


  1. I would think that the weird charging cable is not a reflection on smart watches and more a reflection on sony. Their insistence on using proprietary cables and storage mediums are why I never ever buy sony products.

  2. I also have a Sony Smartwatch and am really enjoying it so far. Do you know if there is any way of changing the screens brightness?

    1. Sadly there's no way to change the brightness. There are however ways to keep the clock on constantly, but reports say the battery drains in 4 hours.

      So what we go is all we get in terms of brightness.

  3. Thanks, I tried always on watch faces and they drained the battery really fast. I have been using the motion clock for the last 2 days, I like it so far.

  4. Hi Tom,

    How about checkng out our TrueTyme app that converts a SSW into a TTristWatch. And then let us know your thoughs about what we are doing and why -- and how?

    Regards, Yale and Jackie

    1. I'll check your app out over the weekend if I can find some extra time.
      Thanks for the tip.

    2. I searched for the TrueTyme app and couldn't find it. Yale and Jackie, could you provide a link?


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