One month with the FitBit and Android Lifestyle Apps

One thing I really like to use my phone for is health monitoring. It's an easy, convenient way to log food, activities and water when you do it rather than later.

I'm big on gadgets, big on data but I'm not usually big on the social aspect of diet and exercise, probably because I'm working on a lifestyle change for the long haul. The FitBit does allow me to use different tracking programs so I thought I would do a quick compare for you in case you decide to get fit for summer then carry on with the habit.

 FitBit tracking App vs MyFitnessPal
      FitBit        MyFitnessPal
Web App Yes Yes
Food logging Yes Yes
Widget No No
Water logging Yes Yes
Manual Activity logging Yes Yes
Sleep Yes No
Weight Yes No

MyFitnessPal allows you to log food by scanning the bar code on the package and has a very good recipe calculator.  I really like food tracking using MyFitnessPal. I use a lot of prepared meals for lunch and it's much easier to track. I would score MFP higher if there was a paid version. The ads are a big pain.

The FitBit app is quite a bit more detailed in what it's tracking. I'm using the pedometer rather than adding in activities right now for accuracy (I don't do much weight training). I also use it for tracking water intake because it has convenient sizes even though it doesn't seem to adjust  how much water to target based on size of person. Having your weight appear in the app from the bathroom balance is cool too. It exchanges information with MPF but pulls meals in as one item rather than broken out into different parts and has a more realistic calorie target to me. It is also only up to date on FitBit collected data if I've been by the computer or synced with my Note.

I am using the Fitbit app for reporting just because it's so thorough.  I'm surprised at how the FitBit has motivated me to get more steps. I will bounce on a ball to get my activity level in and may even try NFC tags with it. The reports certainly motivate other family members ;) I'm really looking forward to getting the S4 so the FitBit can sync with it. I really hope SHealth plays with the FitBit and Aria.