No April fooling here!

So it's April 1st, and that means hilarity is meant to ensue.

And ensue it has.  There's been some hilarious stuff floating around the Internet ether today.

Google has several pranks for you, the Swiftkey one was pretty good.  There was even the ItsFoss one I lol'd about.

With those in mind I was wary of reading anything of 'news' today - it would be hard to dig through the jokes and not.  Plus, you don't want us just to re-share all the jokes.  Nor am I funny enough to come up with my own.

Instead I looked at the calendar and realized that with it being April 1st, that means that our little blog is now 3 months old now.

To me that's quite the achievement and no 'foolin'.

Were this little site a child it would 'no longer be a newborn', but enter into the 'infant' -- it could:
Recognize the parents (and some other faithful readers)
Have some good hand eye coordination
Let us sleep for 6-7 in a stretch
Start making other noises than 'crying'

Hmm... how much of that translates over to a web blog about Android?  I'm sure some!

Anyways, I wanted to take a moment and say thanks, on behalf of the team here at +Android Coliseum, thank you.  You're why we write.  The Android community is an amazing group of fellow enthusiasts and we're glad to be a part of it.