New Poll - Primary Phone Use

Another week, another poll.

I just like finding about who the readers are and how they're using their phones.  I want to thank everybody for their feedback on last week's poll (you could still answer it as I love the input)

So, this week I wanted to ask you not just a specific usage of your phone, but more the 'general' usage for your phone.

I've seen that joke distributed around the internet about "Man, I keep learning more and more about my phone -- today I learned it could dial and answer phone calls!"

How are you using your phone?


  1. this is such a toss up... but if I could get rid of email, I would... then it'd be just my social networking (because from that, it's web browsing, and social messaging etc...)

  2. I don't have a phone any more. I tell people I have a smart device and that the phone is just one of the apps/tools available for me to use. :)

  3. I agree Craig. I wanted to say all of the above because I use it for everything except work.


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