Make your homescreen art - the easy way

I often look at how other people have set up their home screen in amazement. They are like small pieces of functional art. Buzz Launcher Beta is an free easy way to get started on the road to customization.

I was cruising around the web and found an article on different launchers. Buzz Launcher Beta is from a community project where people show off their home screens and take the time to give directions on how to re-create them. Buzz takes it a step further by allowing the user to download the home screen as a "homepack" which includes apps, widgets and wallpapers.

Once you've installed a trial homepack you can go to the homepack site and select from many more options. Look through some awesome home screen then select one to download. To see it simply select buzz launcher as your default.What makes this really useful is how well it's implemented. If a specific app is needed to complete the homepack a live link that directs to the Play Store is placed on the screen. The range of available designs is amazing.

Apps used to create the designs may not be free (or available in your country!) but you can simply remove the element or find a substitution. Popular apps include power toggles, Buzz custom Widget Beta, Zooper widget and Minimalist Text.

Whether you use this app for inspiration or simply grab homepacks, this launcher can really take your screen to the next level.

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