Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Note is not forgotten

It's the sad cry of many a user on Android.  We're all clamoring for the latest and greatest version, so we often hear "where's my update?".

We've talked about updates and the process, and ... well, it's just not as simple with other manufacturers as it is with a Nexus, so it takes a while.

Plus, it seems manufacturers are more keen to update their latest line of phones rather than their older ones (which to me seems out of order).

Well the original "Note" from Samsung was one of those devices that they kept saying it would get the update, but the date would come and go.  Last it was supposed to be "mid-March"...
Well, it looks like there's at least an ETA now from Telus and also Rogers

May... 2013.  But it could be May 31st... who knows.  At least we know it's not reached EOL (end of life... derp - on Rogers it has!).

So... it's not forgotten about ... yet

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