Humble Mobile Bundle just sweetened the deal

As if a "pay whatever you wanted" deal wasn't good enough, the Humble Bundle crew just added 3 more games to the list to help get you to pay more than the average.

Just six more days to get the deal they up the ante.  Same 5 games for any price, but now 4 bonus if you pay more than the average (and it's gone down considerably since when I paid for it).
So, to help get more folks on the bandwagon they've added 3 new games the 'bonus'

  • Funky Smugglers ($0.99)
  • Raiden Legacy ($5.77)
  • Another World ($2.56)

That's like $9 for just those, and you only have to pay $5.55!!

What was great was that automatically it put those files in my library on the App (if you'd already bought).

Time's a wasting!