HTC One Screen Protector Giveaway

With all this time about getting my new HTC One, I have an extra Extreme Guard Screen Protector to to give away to one lucky reader. Read on to find out how you can claim this free screen protector for yourself.

Here at +Android Coliseum we're still very young and trying to increase our awareness. We're a non-professional blogging team of average joes who post a few times a week between our jobs and family, that being said we could use all the help the community can give us by sharing the articles of ours you care about.

That's how you're going to win this screen protector!

  • Share HTC One screen protector page, maybe throw a couple comments in as well.
  • A winner will chosen based on the quality of share with a little randomness thrown in as well.
  • This contest is for Canadians only. 
Sorry to hold out on our friends on the other send of the fence, but we got to keep it in the family. So that's it. If you want a shot at winning this HTC One screen protector and you live in Canada, just share this page, maybe a couple others if you wish and the most helpful person (with a bit of randomness) will be chosen as the winner I'll be sending this screen protector to.

Help us our, we'll send some freebies your way ^_^.

Don't think we aren't watching. If we see some dedicated commenters and shares our there, we will eventually make contact and show our thanks.

I'll pick the winner by next weekend. Until then my friends, have a great weekend!