HTC One Black & Red Double Flip Case

As you may have heard over the past few days, I've pre-ordered the HTC One through Rogers. The only thing that's hard to get your hands on early is accessories here in Canada, for this I turn to eBay.

Cases are something that are often a hard decision. You're either going to settle for some basic rubber case that's going to make your phone look a little ugly, or you're going to get an over priced case for eye candy. I personally choose eye candy over anything.

The HTC One Double flip case offers 360 degrees of protection, with its flip cover also doubling as a nifty stand for your new phone. This is perfect if you want to make use of those Boom Sound speakers for easy entertainment.

Now the damage... The Double Flip Case is going to run you right around $40 Canadian after taxes and shipping. Is it worth it? That's for the user to decide. I personally ordered one for myself, and I'll have a full fledge review in the coming weeks when I get my new phone in my hands.

If you want to check out this case, you can find the eBay Link Here.


  1. You're really making me jealous!!
    I love how with this phone you won't have to worry about a case or stand not giving you good sound.

    1. Heh I don't mean to make you jelly, I'm just very excited for this phone. Only two more weeks!

      I totally agree. I'm been watching and reading reviews like crazy and the sound of the device is always highly praised. It would only make sense (no pun) to get a case to make use of it and enhance the overall features of the phone.

  2. wow, that's what these covers are going for?
    you should have registered to recieve updates because htc sent me
    a code for a free case and shipping, try signing up on the htc website.

    1. Is that available to Canadians as well or US only? I've seen a few of those promos kicking around, but they almost always exclude Canadians.

      Thanks for the tip, I'll look more in to it.


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