Google Nexus SmartWatch - 3D Render Concept Video

So I've gone SmartWatch crazy the last couple weeks, and it seems like a few other people have too.
I happen to run in to this YouTube 3D Rendering of what someone believes the next Google SmartWatch will look like.

Now before some of you are like "OMG That's Sooo Fake!" remember that it's only a concept of the watch and the hopes and dreams of the creator of the video. But this also begs the question, could this be relatively close to the future SmartWatch?

My mind right away jumps so..."Pffft... No border? never going to happen" and I really don't, but in terms of general UI, do you think Google could pull something like his off?

Tell me your SmartWatch hopes and dreams in the comments below, how close is this video to the future of Android SmartWatches?