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2nd Generation of Nexus 7 is Upon Us

I've been holding off on the Nexus 7 for about a month now, with my finger hovering over the "Buy Now" Button. I've been wanting to get one for my son, and it looks like my wait may might just be worth it as rumours of the next generation of Nexus 7 start rolling in.

Asus will be taking on the roll of the next Nexus 7 again, and have very high hopes for the device sale in the year of 2013.

"With the tablet’s strong contribution, Asustek’s tablet shipments will have a chance to reach its goal of 12 million units for 2013. The tablet’s manufacturer Quanta Computer will also see its shipments rise for the year."

According to Asus and reports around the internet, Asus is expecting to sell 12 million of these next generation tablets by this years end, and the way the Google Store's popularity has been, that may not be so far fetched.

Google's I/O Conference will take place on May 15th to 17th, myself and many others have our fingers crossed in hopes we'll see my sons first tablet :P

Shipping is said to start around July, but with no official word on pricing, but I'd imagine it'll be right around $199 just like before.
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