Would you pay to learn about Android? [poll]

So, it's the time of the week where I ask you another question.  I just shared with you the results of the "holiday-ing your phone" poll.  And I was thinking of what the next poll should be on.

Sometimes I like just 'in general', sometimes I like to look at App Specific ones, so that we can use them during our Friday Night Hangouts for the #AppColiseum.

Then sometimes they're completely random.

While I was writing this article my wife sent me this shot from the recent 'Key' magazine (discusses community programs and whatnot).

Part of me REALLY giggled.  I mean c'mon... do you need a course on this?  Then I re-thought.  Barry's actually an accomplished professional photographer.  Maybe he's got some secrets up his sleeve.  But then I remembered just how many types of Android phones are out there.  (...remember our databases?)

How could you keep track of sooo many different types of interfaces out there so he's probably dealing with just 'in general' ... more so 'phone photography' than Android photography.

I kind of want to go... but at the same time I'm not sure I'd get anything out of it?  Is that douche-y of me?

It got me thinking... would you pay to learn about Android?

Costs and everything being equal... would you step into a classroom to learn about Android?  If so, what would you like to learn about?


  1. It doesn't even specify with version they will be working with. What's "newer version"? I assume Jelly Bean? With the edit tools
    I think it will be cool to learn how to use some tools on the mobile apps. I a bit overwhelmed by them sometimes.
    But it will be a photography editing course, and not necessarily an Android course..

    1. Yeah, Barry's being pretty vague... so I'm wondering if he's offering it as a general 'smartphone' course, but capitalizing on the Android name.

  2. I only assume it will be the basics including tricks. e.g. changing the white balance with a piece of paper, and using the grid. I recommend YouTube ;)


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