Rom Toolbox Pro - A MultiTool for Rooters (Updated)

When it comes to rooting phones, I'm right in the thick of it. Rooting your phone unleashes the true inner potential of an Android device that not every single user gets to experience.

Finding the right tool while rooted makes all the difference, and for me I personally use Rom Toolbox Pro.
What makes Rom Toolbox some important, read more to find out.

I've seen Rom Toolbox Pro around the Google Play Store for a little while, but I never reached out my fingers and installed it, mainly because I already had my own set of tools. So I finally splurged mainly our of bordem and all I can say is Wow... I'm pleasantly surprised how well put together this app really is.

Rom Toolbox handles many of your root needs such as:

  • Rom Management - Such as downloading updating your current rom. 
  • App Manager - Backup, Restore, and freeze apps and more.
  • Root Explorer - Access the Root file system which you'd normally need to DL an app for.
  • Scripter & Terminal - self explanatory... 
  • Auto Start Manager - Prevent apps from starting up when your Android Boots up without freezing them for good.
  • Rebooter - ....
  • Ad Blocker - Was Just removed in a recent update to comply with Googles policies.
  • Many customizations - Such as boot animations, fonts, themes, Status bar icons.
  • Performance Tweaks - Such as CPU tweaks and governors, Build.prop editor, Memory Manager, SD tweaks.
That's just the notable stuff.

However, with every great application comes minor flaws as well. While using Rom Toolbox I noticed the list of available roms was lacking updates, as many of the available roms were several builds behind.

This single app alone can easily replace just about every single Root app you use on your Android, and having the right tools at the palm of your hand is key.

Get it on Google Play

It'll cost you about $5 to download the pro version. However there's a free version as well, but I'm unaware of its limitation as I just bought the pro version straight up. Support the root community and get the pro as well ^_~

If you're looking for an all-in-one beast of a root tool, you've just found it.


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