Poll Result - Holiday-ing up your phone

Last week - as with every week - I asked you one question about your phone usage.

Last week it was do you 'holiday-ize' your phone?  I.e. do you use it to help augment or enhance your holiday celebrations.

Who doesn't like a celebration themed ring tone, or a festive wallpaper... well, let's see what the results say:

I install special apps (countdown timers, etc...)
I change my wallpaper
I change my theme (colours, icons, etc...)
I buy accessories to match the holiday
I use it to coordinate the celebration
I change the ringtones and sounds
nothing (I'm boring)

I want to say... wow, what a bunch of 'bah-humbug's in my opinion.  Most that answered anything, answered multiple items, so that's great that some of you really want to get in the 'mood'.

+Brandon Starcevic mentioned he went even further and changed the vibration pattern on his phone to match a Christmas carol ...

Well, my favourite 2 holidays are coming up:  St. Patrick's Day & Pi Day

I'm going to be having all sorts of Green in my homescreen around the 17th, and probably going to make my homescreen for Pi day the one below (it kind of works for both holidays):

how many digits do you remember?  Currently I can do 13, but used to have about 25 or so... you have to know 10 of the digits for my WiFi!


  1. I used to have Pi nailed down to 15, and could sometimes go 20-25. That was in 1996. Let's see.

    3.141596279.......yeah, I think it's been a while :P

    1. nice... last few were wrong (i love telling visitors at my house that the wifi password is pi .. and then them seeing if they can remember past the "14")

  2. Being scottish and irish I really should celebrate a little, but my phone is just one of those sacred things to me that is pure work and a utility. I pound Texts and Emails all day with little time playing games or toying around with stuff.

    I keep my phone minimal with only apps I use. Adding holiday themes and stuff would be adding unnecessary stuff that's not needed.

    As you can probably tell, I'm one of the guys who voted (I'm boring) lol


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