LMT - Pie + Gesture Control for Your Android

Customizing your Android and theming it up all black like I do is one thing, but giving yourself total control is another. An app I like that helps give me that extra level of control is called LMT.

LMT gives you the ability to use Pie controls, and on screen gestures.
Got your attention? keep reading to uncover this amazing free app.

Many of the screen gestures require two fingers so you'll be less likely to accidentally gesture a command from your day to day use.

Some of the commands available to you are:

  • None -> Trigger no command
  • App -> Trigger an arbitrary app
  • Home -> Switch to home screen
  • HomeLongpress -> Trigger the TaskManager
  • Menu -> Trigger the menu key
  • Back -> Trigger the back key
  • Search -> Activate search
  • SearchLongpress -> Activate voice search
  • NextApp -> Switch to the next running app
  • PrevApp -> Switch to the previous running app
  • LMT -> Open LMT user interface
  • Wifi -> Toggle the Wifi mode
  • Bluetooth -> Toggle the Bluetooth mode
  • GPS -> Open the GPS config menu
  • Key -> Trigger an arbitrary key (e.g. "3" for the HOME key - see http://developer.android.com/referen.../KeyEvent.html for keycodes)
  • Activity -> Trigger an arbitrary activity (e.g. "com.android.lmt.InfoActivity" for the LMT info page)
  • WebPage -> Open an arbitry webpage (e.g. "http://forum.xda-developers.com")
  • Script -> Open an arbitrary script (e.g. "/mnt/sdcard/sendevent.sh" for Home Longpress - see attached script sendevent.sh)
  • KillApp -> Kill the current foreground app and switch to home screen
  • KillAllApps -> Kill all apps and switch to home screen
  • TaskerTask -> Start a predefined tasker task (You should avoid spaces in your task name)
  • OpenNotificationBar -> Open the notification bar
  • OpenQuickSettings -> Open the quick settings
  • OpenKeyboard -> Open the soft keyboard
Aside from gestures, you'll also be able to take advantage of the Pie.

The Pie Control has really gained popularity since it was initially released. First really getting noticed within the AOSP Browser as quick controls, it quickly found its way to some custom roms and other apps. LMT really makes great use of the Pie Control and is one of the main reasons why I used LMT in the first place. Everything about it is totally customizable.

This is a simple installable APK that anyone can use. However it does require Root to be able to use.

If you'd like to try LMT, you can head over to the original XDA forum Page and grab it there.