Full!Screen - Using Your Screen to its Fullest Potential

I'm always pointing out how much space the Nexus and other devices' on screen navigation buttons steal your overal viewing experience. You have this beautiful 4.8 inch screen, and yet you only get to use 4.4 of it. It doesn't sound like much on paper, but when you're using your device, it makes all the world of difference.

I found app called Full!Screen that's going to help you recover that lost space.

Though Full!Screen is specifically advertised for tablets, I found it works on my Nexus 4 as well without a single issue or UI error. As you can see from the comparison pictures I posted, the void space recovered really enhances your viewing space and allows you to use your screen to its maximum potential.

But what about my status bar?!?!? I Cannot Live Without My Status Bar!

No worries about the status bar. Full!Screen gives you the tablet style status bar that's hidden and can be called up with a variety of gestures that are totally configurable.

You're able to assige different actions to the 2 small buttons on the bottom left and right of the screen, as well as move them to the top of the screen rather than the bottom if you prefer. Adjusting the transparency and size of the buttons, you can make them totally invisible like I do to give you total clarity.

Of course all these features are meant to work on your tablet, they work just fine on the Nexus 4 and most likely other phones with on-screen navigational buttons. However, I do not have a tablet, so this article is soulfully focus on the phone portion.

Full!Screen requires Root access, and in order to get the tablet style notifications to work, you'll have to enable Full!Screen within your (Settings > Accessibility).

Get it on Google PlayPaid Version
Get it on Google PlayFree Limited Version

So if you're like me and enjoy the maximum viewing experience of your phone, check out Full!Screen and use your phone to its fullest potential.