Buy an HTC One and Trade-In to get $100

So, the HTC One is out... we saw it's unveiling a little while ago, then we saw more of it at MWC (where it won Best New Device).

We've even seen it go up for pre-order at Rogers.

$149.99 for this device.  It hits a nice price point.  Plus, with that Ultra Pixel, I'm excited for it!

HTC is looking to sweeten the deal by offering something that was previously allowed only for our American counterparts...
Is this your next device?

If so HTC is offering to help you make room in your pocket by letting you trade your old phone to help recoup the cost by $100.

Finding the 'conversion' chart was a bit hard to find, and it was ridiculously low ($100 for a Galaxy Nexus) and doesn't list the Galaxy S3 or the Nexus 4.

My contact with HTC has sent me this:

Apple iPhone 5 16GB = $300, 32GB = $330
HTC Desire HD = $100
BB Curve 9380 = $100
SS Galaxy S III = $210
SS Galaxy Note 16 GB = $160

But, $100 is a $100.  Here's what you need to do.

You going to make the upgrade?  Feel free to look over the specs of the HTC One and compare on our "Canadian Android Device" database.