Android by the Canadian Numbers [stats]

Hey there, you know me... I'm the database / numbers guy... I love being able to put things together in an organized sense.  Which is why I love my graphs and infographs.

My other passion is Android, and when these 2 collide it's an awesome thing.  Throw in the fact it's a Canadian based graph and I've got to share it with you.

comScore recently released their latest report:  2013 Canada Digital Future in Focus.

So how is the Android doing in our own backyard here?

Not too shabby - 40% of the smartphone market.

Wow... I didn't think we were that high yet.  I knew we were tied with BlackBerry around the 30% mark at some point, I didn't know we took that big a bite out of them ... it only makes sense tho'.

Also, good to note we've taken all of 2012 to finally break the 50% barrier for smartphone 'penetration'.  This was marked by the fact my good friend finally traded in his 'talk-a-lot 3000' phone (his little nickname for his 'feature(less) phone') for an Android...

Go download your own version of the report here:

(you will need to provide some info like your name, email and phone number)