Represent Android in Style with an Android Hoodie

As time goes on, I'm finding it cheaper and cheaper to start ordering my cloths online. Every time I go cloth shopping, most of all that I'm presented with is metro-sexual style pants with pre-ripped patches and bleached spots. What the heck is the world coming to...

For the same price as my local stores, I can buy something like this!

How many times have you gone to your local mall to find an amazing sweater or shirt that just captures your style completely, just to be let down when you flip the tag over and you're presented with a ridicules price? Happens to me all the time. So I've taken to buying my cloths online, and for the same price or cheaper than my local stores, I can have the cloths I want without paying outrageous inflation costs.

I bought this hooded sweater for nearly $40 including shipping and it arrived at my door step in less than a week.

If you're like me, and you eat, breath, and sleep Android, this is something you've got to wear like a badge of honor!

you can find this on eBay by using this link here

Make your friends Jelly and order one of these today!


  1. Oh man! Touchdown!! I've been buying a lot of my clothes online now a days except on the off time where there's really a good sale happening at "Gap, Old Navy, Aeropostal or even Walmart". But now shopping online has become the thing to do. A lot of places will offer free shipping if you buy 40$ and more.

    I've taken to the habit of waiting for a few things and making it a free shipping deal. On the other side there's also coupons I've used online to get stuff.

    I'd say now 50/50 in clothes shopping online.



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