Would Google benefit from being selfish?

Google is one of those magical services that is widely accepted across every single mobile platform, no matter if you're an Apple fanboy or an Android lover.

I've owned all four corners of the mobile universe, and one thing I've come to realize is some platforms have great Google support, where others have next to none. My question is; What if Google held back their services from other platforms to help guide people to Android for Google's greatness?

When I owned my Lumia 700 Windows Phone not long ago, it was very clear that there was no love from Google on the Windows platform. I couldn't find any Google apps on the Windows Market except 3rd party apps that were a simple portal to the web based versions. Searching around the internet to figure out why, I found many users displeased with the fact that Google was no were to be found in the Windows Mobile world.

We all remember the Apple fiasco with Apple Maps right? When Apple launched the iPhone 5 and the newest iOS update to go with it, people were enraged. Apple Maps was slipped in and Google Maps was no where to be found. YouTube was removed from the primary iOS, but became a downloadable App later. Apple soon later apologized and Google Maps was finally granted access to the Apple App store for users to get their beloved Google Maps back.

BlackBerry has had a consistant moderate grasp of the Google services, but it's nothing to really be all giddy about, as most are simple portals once again to the mobile web services.

So knowing all these platforms and most users rejoice at the enhanced services and usability of Google's various apps, would Google be smart to pull back the chips and play Apple's game and limit it to Google devices only? Yes, this would be extremely evil and cause a major ruckus in the mobile world, but would it ultimately be the deciding factor for people to switch to Android during their next hardware upgrade? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.


  1. As the saying goes: What's good for the goose... iOS users praise their system and apps as though it was the Arc of the Covenant... I'd love to see Google close the doors to non-Google systems, but that's just my opinion, however misguided it may be. Call me selfish :)

    1. I tend to agree with you.
      My brother is actually a loyal iPhone user, and I have him switching to Android due to the Apple - Google struggle. He's noticing some of his stuff like Maps and YouTube aren't as good as they use to be and he hate it. He's actually avoiding the iOS 6.0 update because he refuses Apple Maps lol

      I'd love to see what other platforms do if Google all of a sudden just stopped working and their apps were removed form outside players.

    2. Sadly, with my opening line of logic, that might mean no access to Google apps while on my Win7 laptop, so my logic is somewhat flawed. I realized that once I hit "Submit", essentially shooting my opinion full of holes :)

      Now if the app issue was relegated directly to "mobile devices" only, then I feel my opinion seems to hold some validity.

      I was just over on the Apple site and I can't seem to browse their App Store at all without having to download an app to my PC first? I'd hate to be confined that way... That's the reason I traded up from Blackberry.

  2. Obviously they'll do some cost benefit analysis. Getting more people to use their service benefits their search engine (ie ad revenue)... But also, not of the experience won't be good.

  3. There's the rub. Google runs on their web services. There is more money in having their services widely distributed. Remember that google makes no money off of android itself.

    1. This is true, but more Android users = More app sales and Google makes 30% of all sales.
      There is money to be made that way as well. Is it enough to justify limiting service? who knows, but it's fun to explore the ideas


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