What's on my homescreen

I really use my phone for time management and fiddling around while waiting for others. I have a couple other tablets for reading and playing games.
I'm using Holo HD for a launcher. It has the features that I want like limiting the number of screens, scrolling the dock and changing the grid. The only thing I don't like is that the Play store isn't a menu item from the app drawer like it is for other launchers I've used.

My main screen has everything I need to know for the day. Since I park in an attached garage in the winter and walk in the summer, I make an effort to see what the day will bring. AIX weather gives me a colour coded graph of what I can expect. I talked about Agenda Widget on the last hangout. On my main page I have 2 different views split. Upper I have personal appointments and lower I have tasks and work items that will affect me when I get there.

Slide to the left and I have my exercise calendar in month format, also an Agenda Widget as well as the Minimal Reader so I can peruse my RSS feed.

Slide to the right and I have the screens that do all the stuff. I have become a Songza fan so I have that available at a touch as well as my banking software and a couple of games. If I have time to read a book I can pick up where I left off, on any device, quickly with the Kobo reader app. I find Instacamera is nice for the quick snap.

I have 2 docks although I have the phone, text folder in the same location on each. The docks are the only place I use folders. I keep things I want to use from any screen on them.

I like having a mix of widgets and icons to give me quick access to apps I use. What's on your screens?


  1. I love seeing other folks' set up... it's kinda like some sorta geeky voyeurism or something.

    Gives me ideas on how I can organize mine, or think of something I hadn't done before.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Exactly, i like seeing others screen setups, im always on the lookout for a cool new widget or something


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