Update for the Galaxy Tab 2

Quick take on the GTab2 JB update.

Nice to have Google Now/Google search. Need to get used to stuff on the screen. Notifications from the top instead of the bottom left.  Swipe away is much quicker and overall it feels smoother although Samsung does a great job of optimizing.

Sammy perks - pop up apps from the bottom right corner and the back and recent apps have switched sides of the home button?!? When you touch the recent apps you have to option of triggering the task manager, G Now and clearing all. Dev options are not hidden.

Pretty nice...now +Samsung Canada  about my Note 10.1
[editor:  This is Cass's post when she updated her tablet, which she got OTA for her 7" model - don't forget that we have a database of what devices are getting what updates over here]



  1. Now if they'd get things Rolling for the 7 7ncher, I'd be happy :)

  2. the Tab 2 7"?
    that's the one that Cass had get the update.
    the Tab 2 10" and 7" are getting this update.

  3. Yeah, my bad. That was supposed to read Tab2 7". I wrote it in a hurry before my ride showed up for work. Sorry for not double checking before hitting send :) Good to hear it's coming. I keep using Kies and OTA checks without success, but knowing it's around the corner is welcome news indeed. The P3113 needs some sugar

  4. Downloading 351MB worth of update package now! Sweeeeet!


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