[UPDATE] Setting up your Nexus 4 for LTE in Canada

So, yeah, the Nexus 4 is a 'sister phone' to the LG Optimus G.  And that was a very nice phone.  The Nexus 4 is a good phone too... I have yet to do my full review for you guys, but I will... soon... I promise.

But the Optimus G outshone the N4 in a couple of ways:  32GB SD card slot and LTE.  The Nexus 4 has PURE Android... but none of those.

So the story goes something like this:  the Optimus G and the Nexus 4 are manufactured like side by side... so instead of making a whole new process to assemble the Nexus 4 (we've seen how few of them they have) they use the process for the Optimus G, just don't "turn on" the LTE radio, and leave off the filter and amplifer.  Cheaper than having to reset the plant for a different processor and what not?

Well that's how the rumour goes.

However, they failed to realize that we could go into the device and turn it on.  Albeit without the filter/amplifier, but we get LTE.  Especially in Canada because the Nexus 4's chip is an AWS band, which we use (sorry US).

Now, your mileage might vary... mine's not so good, LTE is pretty weak here in my city, so it jumps out of it, and for some reason when it jumps out, it jumps down to 2G or plain ol' 3G and ... anyways, it's not good, my SGS3 got better Speedtests, so I'm just keeping mine on HSPA.

Here's how you do it:

And that's it.

Didn't want to listen to my voice?

Do this:

  1. Go into your dialer
  2. punch in:  *#*#4636#*#*
    1. (that's I N F O)
  3. tap "phone information"
  4. tap the drop down box area where it says "WCDMA preferred"
  5. Choose something with LTE in it (LTE only, LTE preferred, LTE/CDMA/GSM/auto....)
  6. profit

 You'll see in the last shot that the cell signal says 4G as there is no "LTE" indicator, and my speeds aren't all that impressive.

One thing to note is that if you reboot your phone you'll have to redo this process... however, Pete Isaacs posted on our G+ post that:
Add the following lines to your build.prop file


Then do a factory reset and you will be set to LTE, even after reboots
So, if you're rooted, have at it!  Thanks +Pete Isaacs


  1. 19 mb down isn't impressive? LOL.

  2. it's 'better' than my HSPA... but that's a testing on a good day.

    on my SGS3 on LTE i'd get like 25 minimum.

  3. I got around 20-25 Mbps for my results. My wife gets the same on her Note.


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