POLL: Phones - Naked or Protected?

So, +Tom Gray just posted about a deal for Nexus 4 screen protectors.

A simple thing, but wow, has it sparked some discussion from some of the folks already.  A lot of good points about 'protect' the phone so buy a high quality one; as well as many folks who just like to have a 'bare phone'.

Lots of discussion to be sure and plenty of opinions.  So I thought it best to do our first ever survey on our new blog.  Let's see how you respond!

So, from initial discussion, some of you prefer to protect your investment of the phone... they're expensive - would suck to break it.

Others would prefer to highlight the manufacturing that the OEMs put into the phone and showcase the sexyness and sleek style of the phone (the N4 is pretty glittery on the back).

I really liked the comment that one had about having a 'battered phone' had a much better 'feel'.  And personally I agree with that statement.  I'd rather have the style of the phone the OEM wanted and have a bit of wear and tear on it, than have it super pristine, but lcoked away in some sort of carbonite casing where it's harder to use.

The best scenario is somewhere in between obviously... how about you?  What's your preference?  Fill out the survey below, and leave a comment at the bottom!

(PS - here's a tip... don't ever Google "naked phones" when looking for some picture to use for a blog... or at least do so with the safe search on!")