My choice for Twitter is... Twitter (Ryan)

So, the other day we asked you your opinion on what Twitter client you used for the social network.

I'll put out the poll results in a little bit, but let me first tell you my choice, and why:


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Okay, so with all the choices out there (our poll listed about 13 options that you voted on, so there must even be more we're not aware of), why go with the 'default', the 'standard', boring ol' Vanilla Twitter?

Couple of reasons:

  1. First off, I don't really use twitter all that often.  When I do it's via a mechanism I've set up that auto tweets my public G+ post and then that shares to Facebook.  So, some of the 'better features' the others offer I really wouldn't be using.
  2. It's what Twitter wants us to use.  Not saying that the other guys aren't better, but this is the gang that came up with the idea in the first place, so they should have the best idea of how it should look.  I guess that is gullible of me, but I'll believe that it works out the best.
  3. It does what I want it to - read tweets, click to follow links, show pictures when there is one, switch between multiple accounts.
I have to manage my work's account, and my brother only really uses Twitter as his means of communication, so if it weren't for those 2 things, I'd have left Twitter a while ago.

(so my 3 accounts I monitor on the left, and then the Blog's Twitter on the right)

Now, just to show you I'm not 'ignorant' of the other options out there, a while back when I used to write for I put out an article called "twitter options" and reviewed some 6 different options back then.