My Accessory list - how Ryan decks out an Android

For many people their phone is just that... a phone.  No more, no less.  Maybe it has some email, maybe not.  But it's not a 'life style' item.

For some of us, owning their phone is a lifestyle choice, as such we treat it with as much care and respect as we can.  That means we give it the best accessories we can.

What accessories do we use?  I'll be having each of the team write about what they use, but in the mean time, here's what I use.
The other day I asked you about your protection level of the phone - here's the results of that article if you haven't read it yet.

But I wanted to show you all the items that I have for my device. Some folk like Tom who buy a lot of little gadgets, I tend to try to find fewer, more useful ones ... not saying I wouldn't like more, but ... anyways.  To the right I have a photo of most of them all gathered in one spot.  Let's see if you can pick out which is which.


Sure, I told everybody that I prefer my phone naked, but I got a scratch on the back, so I'm trying out a case.  I bought 2 of these TPU cases for about $2 a piece, so I'm not complaining about cost.  I'm not a fan of them personally, but they do the job.

The added advantage is that it also prevents the phone from being VERY slippery.

I also store my tablet in a generic sleeve to protect it while not in use.


I have use Sennheiser bluetooth headphones for biking, as I can't stand earbuds, or cables.  You need something behind the head because of the helmet (play safe kids).

For more stationary music listening, or using it in hangout I have the Steelseries Flux.  And when I've got a few people around and want them to listen too I have an iFrogz Boost, which no matter how often I bring it out, people are still amazed by it.


Not that I often use it, but sometimes I still like to have a stylus, and mine are just generic Rocketfish or iFrogz.

For playing games I have my choice of 2 controllers, either the Steelseries FREE, or the Zeemote JS1.

In the Car

Besides a standard Bluetooth headset (nothing fancy, just a plain Samsung one) in the car I've also got accustomed to using Pugoo.  It's a sticky pad that I've just stuck to my dash.  The phone then just sticks to to it.  It's pretty good, but in the cold climate it loses some of its stickyness.

It's also great for the kitchen, as my wife puts it against a cupboard and then puts the phone on it while she bakes/cooks for recipes.


I've got a ton around the house.  Usually I'll find some cheap wall outlet USB chargers online and have those as it seems I have a ton of extra microUSB cables.  My house has at least 6 chargers throughout, and the car has one, plus my work has another.

My favourite tho' is Andru.  Thanks +Tom Gray.


Everybody loves seeing this thing. (he's charging my device at the AndroidTO conference)


I have a few NFC tags from Sony Xperia that I'm still trying to figure out a proper use case scenario for.

I keep dozens of microfibre cloths around to keep my phones/tablets looking clean.

Similar to the Pugoo I have a Capta that I'll sometimes use on my tripod, a Gorillapod (just a simple version).


I also have a 'waterproof case', that I haven't really found a use for yet, but it was $2... unfortunately it was for the iPhone, so my phone's a bit of a snug fit fitting in, but it (probably) works.

My sister in law also got me a Breffo.  I love the look of it, but not sure how to properly use it.  Still looks cool tho'.

What I'm still looking for:

I'm by no means done.  Those who know me, know me as the gadget guy.  So I'd love a few more things stilll.  Like I'm looking for suggestions on:

  • Wireless charger
    • Tom has a neat 'DIY hack' for the Galaxy S3 and the Note 2, which I'm interested in, but as I have the Nexus 4 now, I need something with Qi.
  • Good car mount
    • No matter what ones I try they never really seem to stick.  Either cold or whatnot causes them to fail, and always whenever I'm on the highway for some reason.
  • Touch Screen Gloves
    • It's winter, and playing Ingress is getting a little cold on the hands.
    • (hmm... there may be some news by the end of the week)


  1. I got my Cruzelite case today. I love it! It's softer than the cheap one from Ebay. The only thing that worries me a bit it the fact that the power button is exposed. It makes it easier to click it, but in case the phone gets wet, it is more vulnerable.
    I dropped my Gnex in a puddle once. The cruzelrlite case protected the inside of the phone. But I had to get the power button replaced (under warranty).

    1. hmm... i might try the Cruzerlite (there's those XDA ones). These are a little 'stiff' and it's hard to push in the power button actually.

      post some photos!

  2. Wait on those Ryan. I have 3 coming in the mail, I can share with you. I got clear, green and black coming as well as Xda.

    Sivan, I understand your concern with the exposed buttons and water and dust getting inside. I actually like that style better than the enclosed cases. I find with the enclosed cases, sometimes they rest on the buttons themselves and make the buttons way to sensitive to the point that you have to apply very little pressure to activate it.

  3. Have you seen this infomercial running yet? The reviews are good, and I've got a friend who has one and loves it..

    Might be able to find it at an 'as seen on tv' store.

    1. aww.. i don't have one of those stores. i have glidergloves coming in the mail soon tho'..

    2. d'oh... i see the gripgo is a mount... heh.

      the only failing bit i ever has is the suction part to the window... that never seems to hold for me.

      or it does so, but then falls off while i'm on the expressway and can't immediately check to see if my beloved phone is cracked.

    3. I have an extra unused pair, I can send Em to ya.

  4. Your wireless gloves that is on your list. Keep an eye on dollar stores. They are starting to become more popular and I'm starting to see them around more and more. I got 2 pair for $2.50

    1. wireless gloves eh?

      hah... maybe April could knit me a pair of nice Android gloves and put in that conductive thread at the tips... be a nice little 'accessory' the blog could sell!


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