HTC One X users on Rogers have a dessert available

According to +Mobile Syrup it looks like Rogers is making good on their promise of an early January JB update.
Now, it's just 4.1.1, but that's still better than ICS.  You'll be getting Google Now, better Android Beam and Project Butter integrated into your great device.

I really loved this phone when I reviewed it back when... great camera I felt.

So getting this new update will make it an even better phone.

If you're not getting the OTA notice, remember there's a trick to try to help you jump to the queue.
  1. Click Menu / Settings / About Phone / System Updates
  2. Click check for updates
  3. If it doesn't appear, go back into the Settings / Apps
  4. Swipe over to All Apps
  5. Find Google Services Framework and clear cache and data
  6. Go into the Dialer app
  7. punch in *#*#2432546#*#* (checkin)
  8. wait for it to say 'checked in'
  9. then go back to step 1
it may take a few tries, but it's worked almost without fail.

No word from HTC as to the Telus version update yet (they were scheduled for the same time)

Remember we keep track of these updates on our database.

Source [Rogers HTC One X upgrade to Jelly Bean now available |]