DEAL: 50 Cent screen protectors for LG Nexus 4

I'm always hunting around on eBay for deals and accessories to waste my money on. This time around I came across some screen protectors for my LG Nexus 4 that's coming in the mail within a week or two.

The LG Nexus 4 is all the craze right now, why not protect yours? You know if you get some crazy scratches on it, it'll be over a month until you can even get a chance to get your hands on another one right?

These screen protectors are nothing fancy. They are your run-of-the-mill screen protector, but they only cost $1.50 for X3 with free shipping. At this price you can share with your friends, or maybe you're like me and just horrible at putting them on and will require multiple tries to get it right.

Whatever your reason, you can find the eBay link here for these screen protectors.