CES - Androids Galore

So CES is just over the halfway mark now and wow it's a non-stop torrent of gadget porn.

Some of those gadgets are packing some Android power.  Now, I'm not going to flood you guys with a steady stream of this item, and tablet X, or GTV B... there's plenty of sites of guys who are ACTUALLY THERE to do that, and I would recommend you watch some of those hands on videos if you're into a specific item.

What I have for you is a compiling of EVERY ANDROID DEVICE that I've seen in my Google Reader stream since it began.  We still have Thursday and Friday to get through, so this database isn't done yet... check back with this article to see what else has been added.
Would you want this sorted by time or by alphabet?  I'm a tad OCD, so I'm going by alphabetical.