Carbon backup (beta) a quick review

Carbon is a backup app that is out in beta. Right now it needs root but the most appealing thing is when it's released it won't.

If you want to back up at the moment you have the choice of rooting and using an app like Titanium Backup or using the service on your android device under settings that backs up everything. Carbon lets you select the apps you want to save and store the back up on Drive. There will be future support for Dropbox. I don't back up much but I would like to be able to back up my games as I get pretty discouraged after loosing any progress I've made.

Carbon has a user friendly interface where you select apps by checking boxes. The apps selected are put in the tray and there's an app count. Once you hit backup, you select where you want it to go then wait. It takes awhile and works best over WiFi. Each app is backed up separately and time stamped which is a nice feature. Restoring is equally simple, select a file and tap restore

Lots of thought went into this app. It follows the holo design cues and makes backing up specific files more attractive users. I'm looking forward to the final product.


  1. I just checked it out myself not long ago, It looks promising. If it does end up being a rootless backup solution, this will be a huge hit for all Android users from experienced to casual.

  2. Nice quick review! It makes me want to write a guide about Titanium Backup :)


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