Updated my Blogger to Link with Google+

So this is pretty much just a test post that I'm doing.
I just linked my Blogger Account to my Google+ account to allow me to tag and link Google+ members to my Blogger posts, so let's have a go shall we?

Our current members:

I'm not sure if you'll get any kind of notification being tagged here on blogger and being a contributor, so I'm relying on you guys to chime in if you hear or see anything beyond this point.

General ramblings: I'm getting pretty amped about this launch of +Android Coliseum. We already have nearly 1,000 page views and that's without the help of Social media and officially naming ourselves.

A lot of people have been messaging me and leaving comments telling how much they are going to miss +Ryan Moore and myself, I keep telling them to watch our Google+ streams for news, as we'll be launching something at the start of the new year. Hopefully once we start posting publicly on Google+ a lot of our fans may follow us as well. Time will only tell.

P.S: Hurray for built in spell checker!!! lol

Update: The moment I published this article, it brought up the Google+ share window automatically with everyones tagged name in it. All I had to do was click the share button.

Update 2: I just noticed it just posted itself to our AC Google+ page as well. SWEET!!