Solid Explorer out of beta now a Trial version

Well, this is a twist.  I really liked Solid Explorer.  Still do.  It really had replaced Astro as my File Manager app.  Especially as it had the 'drag and drop' with split windows... just cool stuff.  And that was just as it was in beta... imagine how much cooler it was going to get.

As with most betas, the beta period ends.  As such the developer has options on how to proceed next.  With SE they decided to continue it but the free version is only a 14 day trial now, and if you want to unlock it, it will now cost $2.

It's a good play on their part, as it's really a good app, and definitely worth the $2.  14 days is enough time for ANYONE to see that they could fully use this app and should spend the money.  But you also get the nay-sayers, who objects to making something free now paid.

Like this guy:

In order to continue using the app after this period, purchase the Solid Explorer Unlocker, but first make sure you are fully satisfied with it."
Solid Explorer (Trial) - Android Apps on Google Play


  1. Ever tried Total Commander? I've been with then on Windows long before it was called TC. Now on Android, for free.


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