Nexus 4 has Shipped! Review inbound

So as the title says, my Nexus 4 ordered on  Dec.3 at 12:08PM has finally shipped today.
Needless to say I'm nearly jumping for joy at this present time, even though I still have days to wait until it's in my hands.

Some of you guy may remember me from AndroidinCanada, or perhaps you've seen me lurking around on Google+, you'd probably know that I cycle through phones nearly on a bi-monthly basis.

When the Nexus 4 finally reaches my finger tips, I'll be doing a review of this phone. While doing my review, I will be competing it against my Galaxy Note II International N7100. Two top contenders on the market right now. I myself am very interested to see if the Nexus 4 can really best the Note II.

In terms of on paper specs, the Note II should out performs the Nexus 4, but recent reviews and benchmarks suggest otherwise. It will be nice to do side by side test and time the devices against each other while doing various tasks.

Keep you eyes open for that review in the coming weeks.