Merry Christmas on behalf of Android Coliseum!

So this is the magical time of year where family usually comes together and celebrates in a festive manner.
That being said we'd all like to wish our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With Christmas at our door steps, we'll probably be taking a few days to spend time with our families. 
The start of 2013 we'll officially be launching Android Coliseum in full swing mode and will really be hammering down articles and sharing on a full scale.

This last month or so has been our little test and learning the new Blogger tools and platform before we go public. For those of you who managed to get a sneak peak before the official launch, we hope you liked what you've seen so far. 

Enjoy your holidays everyone, and lets kick off 2013 with our new blog/website to be as exciting as possible.