Got the Nexus 4 fever?

So as many of you may know by now, most of us here and Android Coliseum have finally successfully ordered our LG Nexus 4. Some of us got a 1-2 week estimation time *Shakes a fist at Ryan Moore* , where others such as myself got stock with a 3-4 week estimation.
This is absolutely painful for me, as I'm not a patient man. I'm accustomed to walking in to any local retailer and saying, "Give me one of those Samsung Note II's". The fact that I have to wait approximately a month is eating away at me.

I find myself day dreaming a lot about the Nexus 4 and planning how I'm going to root it, or even debating the idea of keeping it purely stock. I've been rifles around video reviews and cruising around XDA forums trying to learn as much about the phone I don't have in my hands trying to fight the addiction. I've even gone as far as to order about 4-5 different accessories off eBay in full preparation.

My question to all you Nexus 4 hopefuls out there: Are you suffering from Nexus 4 fever like I am, or am I just going Android crazy?


  1. So many other things going on and I like how my G Nexus is set up so I'm content ... for now. I pretty sure I'm waiting to get the next Nexus for my birthday next December

    1. I can't wait to see what Google and Android have to offer us a year from now!

  2. Tom I can totally see how you're impatient about this new Nexus 4. Just like Cass, I'll be waiting for the next one as long as it has a killer camera. Remember that officially, I'm suppose to keep my GNex for another 4 years...


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