Blue tooth speaker by Dryve

With Christmas comes some free stuff from work. I got a turkey, Fred got a MP3 player disguised as a blue tooth speaker. They cost about the same.

In the box you get instructions, the speaker, a mini USB cable for charging and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm connector in case your player doesn't have blue tooth. The speaker has a compact form factor and works a bit like like the larger Monster blue tooth speaker I've had for quite awhile. Once you link it up, you can use it as a speaker phone.

It has tons of connections. You charge through a 5V mini USB cable. Connection options include blue tooth and 3.5 mm line in. There is a built in FM tuner (connect the antenna to the line in) and you can plug in a USB  or micro SD card. If you are using it as a player you can also plug headphones.

On the front are the usual controls, mode, repeat, pause/stop, skip ahead and skip back. Press and hold the skip buttons for volume. Controls work best with player apps like Music; when listening to Songza the pause and skip buttons didn't work.

I used it today at work to listen to music from my Galaxy Nexus and I really liked it. After the initial pairing simply power up the speaker and tap the mode twice before turning on the BT to your device. The form factor is small enough to be discrete and the sound was quite good. There is enough bass to make a desktop vibrate so the music has some depth. If you are connected to a phone, when the phone rings, the music is muted and you can tap the phone button to start up the speaker phone. The buttons have good travel and feel solid. On the down side, the charge doesn't last long and the buttons seem a little sticky now that I've used them more.

Still, I wouldn't mind sneaking this off to work....